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Have you been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome?

Being diagnosed with any type of disorder, injury or illness can be one of the most devastating events an individual can endure in their lifetime, especially with a disorder as painful as complex regional pain syndrome. Complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, is a disorder of the arms and legs that causes severe levels of pain, disfigurement, swelling, and discoloration. Many cases are said to be seen after an injury, minor and catastrophic, has occurred. There are two types of CRPS. The first of which is characterized by little or no nerve lesions. The second type provides evidence of obvious nerve damage.

While the specific cause of this syndrome is still unknown, many speculate the precipitating factors such as surgical error or personal injury to be a contributing factor. However, some cases arise without any injury to the original site. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with CRPS, you will require extensive therapy and treatment. This disorder, if caught very early on, can have the potential for improvement with therapy. However, you must act quickly before it is too late.

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