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Annular Tears

Cases of Annular Tears in Pasadena

What is an annular tear? Chances are, you will never know or need to know what an annular tear is or how it feels unless it happens to you. An annular tear is an injury to the back in which the cushions between the vertebrae become torn, forcing you to feel severe pain in your back. Diagnosis of an annular tear is simple, and with several tests, your doctor or back specialist can tell you if you have an annular tear.

Annular tears occur for a variety of reasons. Due to the intense level of stress many of us place on our backs on a daily basis, some people experience annular tears from sitting or standing for long periods of time on a regular, daily basis. Additionally, many cases of annular tears are seen in accident victims. Accidents such as car accidents, drunk driving accidents, bicycle accidents, truck accident, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and hit and run accidents all have certain risk factors for annular tears on their victims. If you have been injured in an accident that has led to an annular tear, now is the time to call the Pasadena personal injury lawyer from McGee, Lerer & Associates.

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At the firm, our legal team works diligently to provide high-quality legal representation and attention to cases relating to injury accidents throughout Pasadena and the surrounding communities. If your accident was caused by a negligent or irresponsible individual, it is vitally important for you to retain the legal services of an attorney. In cases relating to negligence, the person who is considered to be "at-fault" for the accident should be held responsible for the extent of the damages. As such, we will not stop until we know that we have collected a sufficient amount of compensatory money on your behalf.

Contact a Pasadena personal injury lawyer from our office today to get the legal representation you deserve after you or a loved one has suffered an annular tear.

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