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Has your car, truck, or SUV been seriously damaged in an auto accident in Pasadena? Even after extensive repairs, you know that it has lost considerable value merely due to the fact that it was involved in an accident and now has a tainted vehicle history.

Trying to sell your repaired vehicle will be difficult, given the fact that anyone can discover its history through a simple investigation over the internet. Even a dealer may be reluctant to take your vehicle and, in any trade-in, will offer you a substantially lowered credit than you would have obtained before the accident. Next to an identical car on a used car lot, your vehicle may be worth up to a third less due to its history of damage.

How a Pasadena Diminished Value Claim Attorney Can Help

Many people are unaware that this financial loss on your vehicle, called diminished value, can be submitted as a claim to the other driver's insurance company. Insurance companies are reluctant to make such a possibility known and are reluctant to pay such claims. Such a claim can be accomplished, however, with the help of a skilled and experienced Pasadena diminished value attorney at McGee, Lerer & Associates.

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As a Pasadena personal injury attorney with extensive experience dealing with insurance companies, each of our lawyers knows the ropes when it comes to making and pushing through an effective claim for diminished value. We have learned the legal strategies necessary to launch a thorough offensive at an insurance company that can result in a fair settlement.

That is why we recommend that you contact our firm to discuss the specific facts of your vehicle damage and to get the tenacious legal representation you need. If your claim is too small for us to handle, we will give you advice at no charge.

No Fee on California Diminution in Value Claims

If our Pasadena car accident attorneys also represent you on a bodily injury claim arising out of the auto accident, we will waive any fee on the money collected on your diminished value claim if we can settle the claim without filing a lawsuit.

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