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Falling Tree Accidents

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The "duty of care" that California property owners owe to visitors of their premises also extends to any trees on the property, as well. Tree owners are required to have their trees inspected and properly pruned to maintain structural safety. If they don't and that tree falls and hurts a visitor to the property, that property owner may find themselves liable for damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and other post-injury hardships.

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Requirements for a Falling Tree Injury Claim

Falling tree claims fall under premise liability laws and are subject to many of the same circumstantial requirements. These requirements are necessary to show that the property owner should have known to take action to prevent any injury due to dangerous trees.

To pursue a viable falling tree injury claim:

  • The fallen tree must have been on private property
  • The owner of that property must have failed their duties to maintain the tree
  • The failing to maintain the tree must have directly led to the injury

The most common causes of fallen trees include harsh weather, disease, and overgrowth. The tree's growth is particularly key in these cases, as overgrown trees are far more susceptible to splintering and falling. It may even be the case that a healthy tree was improperly pruned and made more dangerous. If you believe that your fallen tree injury was due to a property owner's irresponsibility, then our team is ready to hear from you.

Importance of Immediate Site Inspection

It is critically important that an arborist hired by you or your attorney go to the scene of the incident before the fallen tree is removed. The tree and its roots need to be inspected and photographed. The property owner may have their own arborist inspect the tree, but you need an arborist hired by you - who is looking for evidence that the property knew or should have known that the tree was in danger of falling. Our law firm can get an arborist out there right away.

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