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McGee, Lerer & Associates Ends Head-On Collision Case with Money in Client’s Pocket

two cars in a head-on collision in a parking lot

McGee, Lerer & Associates recently had the opportunity to secure a positive settlement for a client who was seriously injured when he was struck head-on. The settlement we reached paid for all of his medical bills and also awarded him with additional finances for his pain, suffering, and hardship. A great outcome like that takes teamwork, and few law firms can claim to have as strong of a team as we do, including attorneys and support staff members.

Details of the Head-On Collision Case

two cars shown in a head-on collision in a parking lotOur client was exiting a Target parking lot just as another driver was entering the parking lot. The other driver crashed into our client head-on as if they did not even notice his car was there.

The head-on collision caused our client to suffer a concussion, as well as injuries to his neck, shoulder, and lower back. We set him up with medical treatment near his home on a medical lien. Using a medical lien, the doctor agrees to be paid at the conclusion of the case but provides medical treatments upfront. This method of payment is incredibly useful for people who are injured in accidents they did not cause and who have no insurance. Convincing a medical provider to work on a lien usually requires legal experience and professional connections, like what our legal team has.

We were able to settle the claim for the defendant’s policy limit within just six months of the accident. It was very gratifying to help our client during such a difficult time. He had no health insurance, yet he was able to get medical treatment for the injuries suffered in a car accident without much delay. Ultimately, the settlement we secured paid all of his medical bills and left him with money in his pocket.

Quote from Our Client

“Prior to my experience with Nick at McGee & Lerer, I would not have ever associated the thought of an accident attorney with positive emotion. That being said, I have been completely blown away by how I was taken care of. I called within hours of my accident and from the first interaction, I felt like I was with a company that was going to hold my hand every step of the way. It was absolutely astounding how wonderfully easy and effortless they made everything, from handling my repairs and medical bills to finding a chiropractor close to my home. Every step of the way, Nick was attentive and more than happy to answer any question I threw at him. If he didn't have the answer on the spot, he would always take the time to look into my issue. What started out as a nightmare scenario became nearly a walk in the park. Thanks so much for all your hard work! I'm happy to work with you in the future, though, I hope we don't have to! So glad you guys were able to take such good care of me, even in the middle of a pandemic.”

Let Us Help You, Too!

McGee, Lerer & Associates is standing by to assist you after a serious car accident leaves you feeling out of luck. We believe great case outcomes like this one and our long list of happy client reviews are testaments to our firm’s hard work and just some of the reasons why you should pick us. We have offices in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica, and Pasadena. Contact us now to request a FREE consultation at the law office nearest you!

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