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The Insurance Adjuster Is Giving Me the Runaround

Annoyed indifferent businessman having an uninteresting phone conversation while holding receiver facing the other hand palm in a talk-to-the-hand gesture.


I was in a car accident that was the other driver’s fault. The other driver’s insurance adjuster is giving me the runaround. My car is not drivable. I can’t afford a rental car. I have no transportation to get to work. I don’t know the process. Help!


After a car accident, the adjuster has a duty to promptly handle your claim. If it’s clear that the other driver was at fault, then there is no excuse for any delay in handling your property damage claim. If you are getting the runaround from the adjuster, it’s time to call in an attorney to get things moving. Sometimes that is what it takes before the adjuster will pay attention to your claim.

Call the personal injury lawyers at McGee, Lerer & Associates for a free consultation if any of this sounds familiar:

  • The adjuster is giving you attitude.
  • The adjuster is not calling you back.
  • The adjuster claims she is waiting for a witness to call her back, but the witness is telling you that the witness hasn’t heard from the adjuster.
  • Your car is not drivable.
  • Your car could be ticketed or towed any time because it’s not drivable.
  • You have no transportation to work or the doctor.
  • You can’t afford a rental car or Uber or Lyft bills.
  • You are fed up and don’t know what to do.

Even if we don’t take your case, we are happy to give you free advice. We understand how stressful it can be after an accident. We don’t like it when insurance adjusters take advantage of accident victims who have no idea how it works and what their rights are.

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