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What type of doctor should I see?



I was in a car accident when a driver tried to do a U-turn from the lane to my right here in Pasadena. What type of doctor should I see?


The type of doctor you should see after an auto accident depends on the type and severity of your injuries. If your injuries are serious, hopefully you treated at a hospital or urgent care facility right after the accident. Immediate treatment after an accident will also strengthen your personal injury claim. Why? If you delay getting treatment, the insurance company will take the position that a delay in treatment = minor injuries = minor settlement value. To take that argument away from the insurance adjuster, our car accident attorneys recommend that you see a medical provider within at least a few days of the accident.

You should see an orthopedist if you think you may have suffered a fracture. You should also see an orthopedist if you are experiencing neck pain with radiating numbness or tingling down your arms or into your fingers, or low back pain with radiating numbness and tingling in your legs.

If you are suffering neck or low back pain without radiating symptoms, and the pain is not as severe, a chiropractor may be fine. A chiropractor can refer you for an MRI or an orthopedist if your symptoms warrant it.

Bottom Line: If you were injured in a car accident, the most important thing is that you get treated by a medical provider as soon as possible.

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