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Who Pays the Damages for a Dog Bite Injury?


While dogs can be fun to be around, there are various dogs who are unfriendly or can act viciously if they are fearful of their surroundings. In some cases, even the sweetest of pets can be dangerous when around people they are unfamiliar with. Perhaps you were on a walk one evening with your family when the neighbor’s dog got loose. The animal ran straight for your child and attacked her, requiring an emergency hospital visit and a number of treatments. Though you are upset about your little girl getting hurt, you may be hesitant to sue your neighbor out of fear that they will suffer too much financially if you do so. While in some cases, a lawsuit is the best option, it may not be in every circumstance.

By discussing your situation with a Pasadena personal injury attorney you may be able to seek compensation from the homeowners insurance as opposed to the person themselves. Many people have homeowners insurance will be covered if they are liable for an injury cause by one of their pets. Depending on the type of coverage that the dog owner has, the insurance may be able to cover liability anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 for damages caused by the pet. If this is the first incident that the animal has had in heir lifetime, then the insurance company will be much more likely to agree to cover the damages.

However, in the event that the dog has attacked people on previous occasions, the insurance company will be much less likely to offer coverage, therefore leaving the homeowner entirely responsible for the associated damages from the dog attack. Even if the dog has never attacked before, there are certain dog breeds that insurance companies may refuse to offer coverage for, knowing their behavior tendencies such as a Rottweiler’s or Pit Bull. In this case you may decide to purse a premises liability claim against those responsible for your child’s injury.

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