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No fees unless your case is won!

It has become common to see law firms offering contingency fee offers. Under these payment options, the fees for legal representation and case costs are not paid up-front, but they are instead taken out of the settlement or court award as a percentage. What you don't tend to see everywhere is a guarantee that you will not have to pay any costs (not even the case expenses the lawyer paid on your behalf) if you claim or lawsuit is unsuccessful. Our law firm, McGee, Lerer & Associates, actually does offer this assurance by guaranteeing no fee unless we win. Because of this, you can work with the peace of mind that you will not end up with a bill that you cannot pay for.

Here's how it works: Our Pasadena personal injury lawyers advance the expenses of your case, such as the costs of filing a lawsuit, fees for hiring expert witnesses, etc. Then, if we win your case, we take a percentage out of your personal injury settlement or court award; if we don't win your case, we don't charge you anything. No recovery, no fee!

Why choose our Pasadena personal injury lawyer?

Attorneys Daniel McGee and Catherine Lerer have nearly four decades of combined legal experience. They have proven themselves capable of obtaining high-value settlements and verdicts for clients, as they have secured million-dollar and multi-million-dollar compensation awards in the past. Our lawyers are straightforward with clients about how their contingency fee and "no fee unless we win" process works, as well as what types of fees they can expect and under what circumstances. When deciding whether you want to take advantage of this opportunity, keep in mind that when you work with us that you get:

  • The costs of your case advanced by our law firm
  • No up-front of out-of-pocket costs
  • No obligation to pay any fees if your case is not won
  • A free consultation
  • Highly attentive legal representation

At McGee, Lerer & Associates, we don't want financial barriers to get in the way between you and effective legal representation. Contact us so we can provide you with more information about our contingency fee payment structure. There is no fee unless we win!