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Information We Need If You Were Attacked by a Dog

It has been estimated that almost 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs and that out of that number 800,000 require medical attention. In the state of California, dog owners are held strictly liable for the violent actions of their pets regardless of whether or not they were aware of their dog's inclination towards such behavior. In such instances, the dog owner will most likely be required to provide the victim of the dog bite with compensation for the injuries their pet incurred. If you hire us to represent you in your claim for compensation concerning a dog bite, the more information you are able to provide us from the beginning, the better we can ensure that you attain the maximum recovery.

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Being attacked by someone else's dog can be extremely frightening, especially if you do not personally know the owner of the dog that bit you. McGee, Lerer & Associates will do everything within its power to see you compensated for your injuries. If you have any questions about the information needed above, please call a Pasadena personal injury attorney at our firm who is willing to help you with any of your concerns.