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Uber Accident Claims

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Though rideshare options like Lyft and Uber boast cheaper rates and safer alternatives for those that need designated drivers on a whim or safe transportation late at night, there are many negatives to this new trend. The main contentious issue is the liability in these types of accidents. Is the driver alone at fault, or is Uber liable as well? What if the accident happened while the Uber driver was signed into the app, but wasn't transporting passengers?

While this can be a very overwhelming and confusing time, it is crucial that you take action as soon as possible. Companies like Uber will do everything possible to avoid paying out damages to injury victims, even when their drivers are responsible.

If you have been injured in an accident involving an Uber driver, contact our Pasadena car accident lawyers right away. Our husband and wife lawyer team have more than 40 years of collective experience and always work on a contingency fee basis, giving our clients confidence and peace of mind.

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How Much Insurance Coverage do Uber Drivers Have?

The policy limit that applies to your accident depends on whether the accident happened while the Uber driver was on a trip. If the Uber app is on and the Uber driver was on a trip when the accident happened, then the Uber driver has $1 million in liability coverage. If the Uber app was on but the Uber driver was not on a trip (the Uber driver was not logged in and available), then the Uber driver had only $50,000 per person in liability coverage and $100,000 per accident.

You can be sure that Uber will seek to avoid financial responsibility for an accident, which is why you need an aggressive personal injury lawyer on your side if you've been injured by an Uber driver.

By demonstrating the following, we will hold Uber accountable for your injuries:

  • Uber drivers lack proper training or guidelines
  • There is no mandatory vehicle inspections or upkeep
  • The GPS Uber system arguably violates California traffic laws by distracting its drivers
  • Uber should be responsible for their employed drivers

While each case is different, our goal is always the same: demand that the responsible party pays for all of the harm caused to our clients.

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