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Should I go through my auto insurance or the other driver’s auto insurance to repair my car?
I was hit by a drunk driver last night. It was a minor accident, but I’m in pain. What type of doctor should I see?
Are school buses in Pasadena required to have seatbelts?
I was bitten by a dog that lives in my condo complex. The dog’s owner is a renter and says he has no renter’s insurance. Can I sue his landlord? What about the homeowner’s association?
If I make an uninsured motorist claim, will it cause my car insurance premiums to go up?
I was injured in a car accident. The other driver’s insurance company accepts fault and said they will pay for my medical treatment. How does that work? Will they refer me to a doctor?
Can I sue for the mental anguish I suffered as the result of witnessing a neighbor’s dog attack and kill my dog? I was not physically injured, but I was emotionally injured.
I was driving in a parking lot when another car hit me. The other driver’s insurance company claims the impact was too minor for me to be injured. Do I have a case?
I was injured in a motorcycle accident. I have liability insurance on my car but not on my motorcycle. Can I still make an injury claim?
I jogged from the sidewalk into a crosswalk. A couple steps into the crosswalk, I was hit by a right-turning car. The driver’s insurance company is claiming since I was jogging, the accident was my fault. But I had a green light and the driver had a red. How was it my fault?
I was in a car accident when a driver tried to do a U-turn from the lane to my right here in Pasadena. What type of doctor should I see?
The police report for my car accident isn’t ready yet. My car is sitting at a tow yard in Pasadena. I have no information on the other driver. What do I do about my car?
The other driver’s insurance keeps calling me, asking for a recorded statement. Should I talk to them?
The adjuster keeps sending me a release to settle my car accident claim. Do I need a lawyer?
My child was bitten by a dog on school property. A parent had tied the dog’s leash to a pole. Can I sue the school?
Car accident. Insurance adjuster won’t return my calls. What should I do?
Can I claim lost income due to my car being out of commission?
How long will it take to settle my personal injury case?
My friend crashed my car driving drunk. She totaled my car and another car and I was injured. Can I sue her?
I was hit by a car and the driver who hit me doesn’t have enough insurance to pay my bills. Am I screwed? Hiring a lawyer will only cost me more money. What should I do?
I was in an auto accident. I was not at fault and don’t want to end up out-of-pocket. Do I need a lawyer?
I was injured in a 3-car rear-end accident. I finished treating months ago, but the adjuster says she can’t settle with me until the other accident victims are done treating. Do I need a lawyer?