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Driver does not have enough insurance

I was hit by a car and the driver who hit me doesn’t have enough insurance to pay my bills. Am I screwed? Hiring a lawyer will only cost me more money. What should I do?

- F.S, California


We get calls from accident victims in this situation all the time. The at-fault motorist's insurance company has offered the policy limit to the victim, but the policy limit isn't enough to pay the victim's bills.

Here's our advice: Call us. Let us ask you some questions with the hope of finding more insurance. We charge you nothing unless you decide to hire us and we do find more insurance. We leave no stone unturned in looking for more money to pay your claim. Here are some of the areas we will look into:

  • Did the at-fault driver have an umbrella insurance policy?
  • Was the at-fault driver in the course and scope of employment at the time of the accident, which would bring in his/her employer's insurance?
  • Are there any other possible at-fault defendants?
  • Does the at-fault driver have assets to go after?
  • Do you have medical payments coverage under your auto insurance policy?
  • Do you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage under your auto insurance policy?

Do not sign a release from the insurance company until you have run the case by a personal injury lawyer who is satisfied that there is absolutely no more money to be had. You have nothing to lose by getting that opinion and hopefully, the attorney will find more money for you.

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